Yes, age leaves its mark—at 78, it's slowly time to cut back.

After 12 years in the "preselector business" and almost 150 repaired Wilson transmissions for customers from all over the world, I will hand over my workshop to new hands on August 1, 2022: The company ikonA7 will continue my work in my spirit.

ikonA7 is a well-known and reliable company for the repair and restoration of classic cars and the technical manager is meanwhile - also due to an intensive training in my workshop - an expert in the field of pre-selection gearboxes. The company is located in Wedemark near Hannover. They offer not only the overhaul of transmissions, but also the service for installation and removal on your vehicle including transport of your oldie within Germany.

For the next two years I will still be working as a consultant for ikonA7 and will be happy to answer your questions about Wilson transmissions. I would be pleased if you would show the same confidence in my successors and I would like to thank my customers from Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, France, Luxembourg, Belgium, Netherlands, England, Singapore, Japan, Australia, South Africa, Canada and USA for their confidence and the good cooperation.

Yours Peter Meyer

Here you will find not only a workshop specially equipped for the maintenance and repair of classic cars, but also a contact point and meeting place for classic and youngtimer fans






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